About A360IWA


Posted by a360iwa | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on October 10, 2014

A360IWA is an acronym for Agape 360-International Women Academy.  The letter ‘A” stands for agape-which is love and ‘360’ represent the total circumference of a circle(for short, we say, loving you in totality0. Love is the expression of life. However, girls for that matter women in general have not benefited from this love. Over the years, they have been relegated to the background in terms of leadership role. This has made them vulnerable, defenseless, and  voiceless in the society.

A360IWA therefore want to be a masterpiece to defend the defenseless, protect the vulnerable and voice for the voiceless.

This we want to do through holistic education of the girl child for the betterment of women and the globe at large.

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