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i am a to the girl of junior high school graduation,i am a out going,talking and laughing,but i also have sad,i am a neutral deaf girl,since i was young, i like this,i often say that i am the deaf by others ,hou sad i was then,i only have secretly cry to vent their inner pain perhaps in the eyes of others i was a fool,i was really afraid of people say that i am deaf,my family condition is not very good,my parents dont have the ablity to help me table i,our family is poor,i would like to can change my life in the future,like everyone else can have a beautiful house,money……………….but i am a neutral deaf girl,i learn bad,go to the society will be washed out,a girl like me who will need me,i think is sad life,my parents chose me,i would choose the sorrow.

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今天晚上7点半我 skype与我的新朋友彦婷见面我很高兴见到她,他长得蛮漂亮,他的英语很好,我们先用英文跟对方做自我介绍,关于自己的名字和年龄,介绍自己的学校 ,家庭,我了解到了关于她的一些事情,她喜欢吃香蕉。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

这个月因为我们已经完成十月份的月考了,所以可以放松一些,但是每天的作业还是有很多要做,我都会在当天完成,晚上呢玩电脑,在百度里我看到了  很多关于我家和村子里的事情,看到了过去的小学,真得很漂亮,墙外五颜六色,校园周围种了很多的树,在操场两边分别有花坛,到春天整个校园鸟语花香,丽树成阴,美极了,我怀念我的小学,更爱我的小学。


tomorrow  is the  miao  nem year. our school holiday . I  am  now at home.


My science is bad.

I could learn phycis

I think phycis is difficult


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This is my blog

I very happy get  computer

At  morning  today I and my friend go to have breafast than go  hotel study computer

I hope I can  learn quickly to use the computer


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