Survey Results, Website Update + Team Jobs

Hey everyone,

We have closed the survey and these are the results : –

Work on the website has commenced, as we now have the results on what our audience would like our website to include. Charlotte will be creating and setting up the features of the website, and once that is done, Mei will create the aesthetic of the website.

Hardi will have a canteen at her school in India this week to fundraise for our project.

Mei will also revamp the logo so that ‘Global Valley’ is easier to read.

Heather will plan/organise a halloween cake sale at her school to fundraise.

Signing out for the day,

Global Valley Team



Hi everyone,

Today we published a survey about the in-depth website features we want to implement, to understand if it is desirable by our market.

These are the questions :

  1. Would you be interested in an online market where you can buy specialised ingredients and equipment that you can’t get in your country? A = Yes/No/I don’t know
  2. Would you be interested in an expansion of culture categories? If yes, which ones? A = Clothes/Language/Festivals/News/Makeup /Games/Just stay with food
  3. Would you be interested in a chat room where you can discuss different cultures? A = Yes/No/I don’t know
  4. Would you be interested in cooking/baking courses where you can learn new skills? A = Yes/No/I don’t know
  5. Would you be interested in a membership where you can get discounts on courses, the market and restaurant coupons? A = Yes/No/I don’t know
  6. Would you be interested in cooking/baking competitions/achievements where you can win prizes? A = Yes/No/I don’t know
  7. Would you be interested in an information page about different/interesting ingredients from different cultures which can also provide substitutes for it? A = Yes/No/I don’t know

We are going to circulate this survey for two weeks so it has plenty of time to collect responses.

Signing out for the day,

Global Valley Team


Day 10 – The Beginning!!

Hi everyone!

The LEAP programme has been tiring, overwhelming and enriching. The speakers gave us valuable insight about how to run a business, and we hope to use that information to continue our project.

For the next four weeks, we plan to :-

  • Create and circulate a survey about specific features on our website
  • Begin fundraising
  • Research IT teams
  • Begin researching people to contact (e.g. food bloggers, chefs, restaurants)

We will have weekly updates (on Sunday) over our group chat on WeChat. We will have our first monthly conference call on the 26th of August at 9am (Jersey), 1:30pm (Mumbai) and 4pm (China).

Signing off for the day,

Global Valley Team











Day 7

2018 Project Plan-su9rze

Hi everyone!

Today we had talks about roles and leadership, what are we going to do after LEAP, and how we going to keep in touch afterwards.

Our Roles :

  • Charlotte
    • Website framework
    • Communication in English/Jersey
  • Hardi
    • Social media networks
    • Communication in India
  • Heather
    •  Finance/Budgeting
    • Fundraising 
    • Event Manager
  • Mei
    • Website design/Branding
    • Chinese social media network/Bilibili
    • Communication in China

We are going to keep in touch over WhatsApp and WeChat. Our Project Plan is attached.

Signing off the day,

Global Valley Team


Day 6

Hi everyone!

Today, we had a bunch of speakers come in and talk to us about budgeting and fundraising. We then discussed what funds we needed to make our project come to life, as well as ideas on how we would get a regular income to fund our project.

We have also been researching costs for websites, translators, crowdfunding, the Dragons, and creating a website template.

We also had a talk about Digital Marketing at Digital Hub, which was extremely interesting as it explained about how Google works and how people think before purchasing anything.

Signing off for the day,

Global Valley Team

Day 5

Hi everyone!

Yesterday, we were issued a challenge from the organiser of LEAP to take photos of things on a list, which required us to travel all around the island. It was a beautiful day, and we had great fun.

In the evening, all the teams of LEAP went to Crabbe, an education centre, where we had a talk about personal branding. The talk about personal branding was incredibly insightful and useful. After the talk, we had a barbecue and roasted marshmallows over a campfire, chatting with all the teams and getting to know everyone.

Yesterday was a fantastic bonding experience however it was extremely tiring!

Signing off for the day,

Global Valley Team

Social Media


We are regularly updating our social media accounts to reach a greater audience so they are informed about our new activities and ideas, whilst we also secure a platform and following for the future.

Day 4

Hey everyone!

Today is Day 4 of LEAP. We have been using today to connect all of our ideas into one big plan.

We’re been outlining our company’s values and aims, as well as analysing our competitors and figuring out what makes our concept unique.

We have had a ton of speakers talk to us today, giving us lots of advice and challenging us with new ideas.

Tomorrow we hope to develop on these conceptions and implement them into our presentation.

Signing out for the day,

Global Valley Team


Today we had a very inspirational chat from Charlotte Valeur and Alexia McClure. They spoke about their personal experiences and the difficulties they have faced throughout their life and their path towards becoming empowering women. These 10 days are all about having faith in ourselves and our ideas.

Day 3

Today we went to St Catherine’s woods and brainstormed different ideas to do with cultural awareness and food in regards to our project.

We organised roles for ourselves and created social media platforms, created a survey for market research, and explored website design.

We made a logo, and started experimenting with colours and styles.


Signing off for the day,

Global Valley Team