Mona’s and Kristi’s feedback

Mona – I used to hate Peter but now I like him. I have made many new friends here and I learned many new things from this programme. The speeches were very long and often kind of boring but I learned a lot of things from them. I have also learned about many new cultures which I think is very good for me.


Kristy – I absolutely loved this programme. Although many of the speeches were long and tiring, they were very useful and made us gain a lot of knowledge about business, project management, finance and many other things. I expect to have a lot of communication issues with my team members but it was absolutely not the case. I have grown to love all my team members and it will be very painful to have to say goodbye to them. We will work hard in order to win LEAP and be able to be reunited next year. During this project we have also gained another team member who has been very supportive and has given us many good contacts with a group from Thailand. We have many larger goals ahead, but as a team we will work hard in order to have out message heard and be a success story!


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