Today we were put in touch with two mentors, Claire and Rachel! This is good news as they have considerable experience, contacts and potential knowledge, we are very exited to start discussing our future plans with them!! – Anelia

The Website

It took a long time and a lot of technical difficulties but I have finally launched the website!!! -Amelia

Our Plan for the Next Four Weeks

Our first objective is to pay for and launch the website so people can look us up to get more information. Secondly, we need to contact organisations such as the Jersey Lavender Garden. We will also contact some local Garden Centers and possibly Eco Jersey as well as the Jersey Beekeeper’s Association. At the same […]

Mona’s and Kristi’s feedback

Mona – I used to hate Peter but now I like him. I have made many new friends here and I learned many new things from this programme. The speeches were very long and often kind of boring but I learned a lot of things from them. I have also learned about many new cultures […]

After enjoying the nature, we went back to JCG and continued focusing on our project. Then we listened to the speech which was about Financial projections. During the speech we practiced how to construct a forecast cashflow. We also learned two main points. The first one is a cashflow forecast needs income and expenditure. It will have both positive and negative parts. Business spend cash to generate profit. The second point is the difference between Profit and Cash. The second speech was given by Cherith Fothergill. This speaker gave us three main ideas clealy,Connected thinking where you can tell others about your story, and get other’s attention. Creative thinking , it means to make your plan simple and free. The last point is thinking big. Because the bigger it is, the better it will be. The last speech we listened to was given by an amazing person who focus on by digital marketing. Two important things we have gained are how to get your website to the top of Google and he also provided us useful websites that we can use .

change of ideas

our initial idea was entered around environment too.  The concept was to install recycling bins where locals would have and easy and convenient which they can then sell on. It was a great idea yet the money made from this sort of project would be very minimal, not having much benefit for the community. Therefore,we […]

On day three we have chosen our project and made a logo!


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