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Victory at last!!


August 8, 2018 by growingwithplastic

Hello fellow environmental enthusiasts,

Yesterday, we pitched to the dragons with a well- presented presentation. We managed to pull everything together in the end even although it was very hectic!! And we raised £400 for our project in the process!

We thoroughly enjoyed the program that Dr Le Masurier kindly organised for us. We have developed lots of necessary skills that will really help us in the future! Not only this, but we have left leap, knowing that we have made life-long friends and that we can do so much as long as we are working together because we have because of such a power team!!

Currently, we are planning what to do for the year ahead. This will include, weekly WeChat catchups along with Skype calls, setting up our place with Durrell, sussing out the material for the future club that we are setting up in the school network GEMS and other schools that we have connections with. We are so excited to carry on as a team to progress our campaign.


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