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Our first day at Durrell!


October 9, 2018 by growingwithplastic

Hello fellow environmental enthusiasts,

This week, our Jersey members ran the project for the first time at Durrell! We set up two craft stalls using plastic in the Discovery centre: one for a paper mâchée project and another for planting seeds.

We were really pleased with the number of people coming to stall, although in the future we plan on advertising the days we are running the project on the Durrell website.

Planting seeds

Additionally, one thing we learnt was that it took longer than expected for the paper mâchée to dry and this meant that the children weren’t able to paint their pots. Next time we do a craft involving paper mache we will paper mâchée bottles in advance so that they can be painted straight away.

Doing paper mâchée

Next time we go to Durrell, our focus will be on plastic bags and we are currently preparing a brochure on this. We’re looking forward to heading back again as we had a really lovely time today 🙂


Check out our first brochure!!!

Brochure No. 1



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