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September Update


October 13, 2018 by growingwithplastic

Hello fellow environmental enthusiasts,

The last few weeks have been extremely busy for the team, with both personal commitments and with the Jersey Girls heading over to Durrell on Sundays in order to be involved in helping the environment by using their recycled materials to create DIY ideas. We have also distributed our own pamphlets at our stall at Durrell to general members of the public. These pamphlets have some DIY ideas that people could use to create new products with their recycled materials! We are incredibly excited about these changes and are excited to continue this journey. Do check out our Instagram (@growingwithplastic) to keep up to date with all the exciting things happening at Durrell! And also be sure to read our recent blog update to see what has been happening with Durrell!

Our stall set up at Durrel

Some of the pieces work done by the children

Speaking of Instagram, over the last few months our Instagram has experienced steady growth and we have hit a milestone of 67 followers. We do intend to keep posting about milestones and other things regarding this project. Do get in touch with us if you have any questions or interest in our project.

Though we have not been able to call for quite some time, we are planning to call tomorrow to check in regarding cash flow, the start of our own website (more to come), the beginning of communications with GEMS Education and other corporations, and customizing the blog! During this time, we have also managed to set up a LinkedIn, and are looking to connect with other corporations. We also hope to set up and execute a blog update rotational system, so that the blog will be updated on a more regular basis.

See you soon!


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