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Our first session at Acorn!


January 31, 2019 by growingwithplastic

Hello fellow environmental enthusiasts,

On Saturday 15th December we went to Acorn for the first time and set up our stall near the cafe area.

We focused our project on the growing side of our creative projects and showed children and their families how to plant a sweet pea flower in pre-prepared plastic bottles. Due to the blustery weather, we didn’t work with many kids but remain optimistic for future days since we have decided that we would love to go back!

We enjoyed running the stall at Acorn; it was a great space and lots of people were really interested in our project and the problems it targets.

Many thanks to all the staff who were so welcoming and supportive of the project.
What we learnt at Durrell

We had a fantastic time at Durrell and are so grateful to the staff who helped us set up and provided ongoing support for the project.

Throughout the course of three sessions, we learnt a great deal that we will carry forward into the future. If we could go back and do it again we would improve our advertising, perhaps by arranging to publicise the sessions on the Durrell website. Also, we learnt that the project is more successful when the weather is nicer so with that in mind we have decided to shift our focus onto summer events. For example, we are considering beach cleans and wider community events.

Many thanks to Leslie Dickie for giving us the opportunity of using the Discovery Space.


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