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Our First Beach Clean


February 17, 2019 by growingwithplastic


Hello fellow environmental enthusiasts

On the 16th of February, our team and Ankita (a member of the PIG group) went on a beach clean to make our beach greener. We found a multitude of interesting things such as a boot, a glove and even a block of polystyrene (which is actually proven to be just as bad as plastic as it takes a long time to decompose and it can be harmful to fish if they consume it). It is a good reminder that even though you may think that littering with one piece of plastic might not do any harm, it does matter because if everyone had the same mindset, the accumulation of rubbish then becomes a problem. It also emphasised to us that despite the fact that we may not have physically put the plastic there, ourselves, it still gets into the sea. When we put plastic in the general bin, a lot of it goes to landfills and seas, ruining or habitat. On the beach that we were cleaning on, we found a lot of rope, that we later found out was from fishing, which traps and kills fish. This is why it’s important to do regular beach cleans, if you have the privilege of living near the sea, with your family and friends to get out in the fresh air and to make a difference in the environment.

Setting off on our clean!


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