LEAP 2018 is coming to an end… but the impact is just beginning.


Leap was the beginning of lifelong friendships and projects. It not only connected students from across the globe, it began the revolution of change. In whichever aspect the group decided to focus on. In our group it started the process of restructuring the dynamic of connectivity and opportunity in education. It inspired each and every person in our group to open our eyes to the issues in not only society but in our lives and once we became aware, through this programme we were empowered to not only make a difference but to be the difference. It created the hunger inside of us to inspire and empower others the way we have been. That is what drove our project. And without LEAP and the platform we have been given, none of that would have been possible. Yes it was difficult, yes there were people who hated our idea and there were times when the coffee¬† just wasn’t enough to keep us awake. But we pulled through, we drank more coffee and focused as much as we could, we used the criticism to better our ideas and supported each other. We became a family, and thanks to LEAP we now have sisters in 10 countries from around the world who all strive to make a difference in the lives of everyone around them. Yes it is the end of the LEAP conference but the family, projects and the difference are ongoing and the impact of that is just beginning to unfold.


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