Hello World Coding

With our ‘Hello World’ group we have been creating websites about ourselves with a variety of pictures, fonts and interesting facts – which you will be able to see on the website (www.iwa-helloworld.com)!  After everyone had completed making their website, we then started doing some gaming on ‘Codecombat’ (www.codecombat.com) – which everyone seems to be enjoying.

International Food Festival

On Thursday 9th of November, we are holding our annual food festival.  There will be delicious food from 35 different countries, including, Portugal, Sweden, Canada Paraguay and Germany to name a few.  This event raises lots of money every year for the Ghana and Myanmar orphanages and this year it will be held during lunch time to draw in even more people!


Hi! We are EDOM (it stands for ‘everyday of the month’ and represents girls in orphanages being able to live life without worry everyday).  We aim to provide sanitary products for the girls in the Cross Over International Academy Orphanage in Ghana.  This is because currently they are forced to use old rags, torn up textbooks and leaves instead of hygienic and safe products.  This allows them to focus on their education, everyday of the month.

Ghanaian Beads Business

At the weekend a team of IWA girls sold beads and fabulous pieces of jewelry made by orphaned girls in Ghana at a local event.  They were very successful and managed to make a substantial profit of £280!  This will go into the scholarship fund set up for the girls and will be a great help into getting those girls a better quality of life.  They are currently in the process of planning their next selling venue and will keep you posted.

Visit to Nanjing

On the 2nd of April, during our stay in Nanjing a group of eight involved in IWA met up with a few girls who have been working alongside us with our projects.  We were all excited to meet them as we had the opportunity to discuss what we could do to make progress in these projects and new projects we could start together.  They kindly took us around a beautiful university campus which was accompanied with a lot of information about its interesting history.  Later, we were also taken to stop and have some delicious green tea in the university’s tea house.  After we got to know each other and toured around the campus, we stopped to have lunch at a café.  They very kindly gave us a Chinese chess board as a gift for IWA with some lovely bookmarks and we can’t wait to use the board to teach others Chinese chess.  We also gave them the Lego Mindstorm kit we had previously raised money for so we could include robotics in our joint project.

YCIS Visit

On our visit to YCIS we met three girls from their IWA club.  From here, we discussed current projects we have been working on and have decided to collaborate.  While at their school, we spoke about how we could hold a parallel fundraiser and/or competition.  Finally, we made a plan to run alongside the idea of an art auction in Shanghai they had already been working on.  To work together, we decided to run a photography and digital art competition here in Jersey where all work will be displayed and multiple winners will be chosen.  These winners will then have the chance to have their work displayed in an art gallery in Shanghai and put up for auction  with the chance someone will buy it as the prize for winning the competition here.  Money raised will go to a scholarship fund in Ghana.  After this successful discussion we unfortunately had to say goodbye but not without getting each others contact details and a few pictures first.

Scratch Programming

Over the past few weeks, we have been teaching girls from JCP Scratch programming in order for them to participate in a competition with students from China.  There was a criteria every student had to abide by including: use of foreign language, animation, use of music, creativity and information about themselves.

International Winter Fete

On Saturday 10th of December 2016, we hosted our International Winter Fete.  There was a range of different food from over 15 nations, for example, Canada, Japan, Paraguay and China along with entertainment and purchasable items including beads from Ghana and Christmas cards.  This event raised around £1,400 to provide cows as a sustainable food source for the Crossover Orphanage in Ghana.   wp_20161210_13_21_44_rich

Beads From Ghana

On the 5th of December 2016, we raised money by organising a disco for primary school students and purchased beads from Ghana to sell in Jersey.  Our idea is to set up a sustainable business between both schools in Ghana and Jersey.  Here are two of the products which were made by the students at the Crossover Orphanage in Ghana:       photo-1 photo-2