We made it!

Hi everyone!

So, we made it to Day 10 of LEAP 2018. It’s been probably the busiest 10 days we’ve ever had, so in the post we are going to update you on all our thoughts from the week and our plans for the future!

Yesterday was our pitch to the Dragon’s Den. The lead up to the presentation was stressful due to technical difficulties, but the actual pitch was a success for our team and we felt so proud once it was all done!

Our team received a generous amount of money from the Dragons, which is a perfect sum to start up our shoebox cultural exchange project between our schools.

So, what have been our highlights of the past week?

  • Meeting so many amazing mentors from all different walks of life, and having interesting conversations with so many people!
  • Our crazy race around the island on Friday, which ended up with a sleepover at a local Activity Centre. It’s safe to say by Saturday we were all in need of coffee!
  • Sharing our project ideas on Monday night with so many supportive friends, family members and mentors
  • Meeting so many new people, and having such an amazing team!

In our next post, we’re going to attach photos so you can see exactly what we’ve been up to!

Our plans for the future …

  • This summer, before we go back to school, we’re going to create a lesson plan which can be given to each of our schools, explaining what Project LEDA is, and how to  create a connection with the other schools in our team.
  • Hopefully within the first month of going back to school, each of us from our five separate locations will pitch our project idea to our schools and gather a group of interested students/a class to start to create their shoeboxes.
  • We hope to document the whole process within the schools with photos which can be uploaded to this blog!
  • Once the schools are happy to participate, we will fix a date for the shoeboxes to be sent out, and wait to receive an email confirmation that the shoeboxes have arrived!

Hopefully, we plan to receive feedback from all the schools by January, when we will then plan from there about our next boxes and engaging more schools!

So, that’s an update on how we have got on and our plans for the future.

We’ll keep you all updated!

See you soon,

Team LEDA 🙂

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