First plantation

Our first success was the plantation drive in Mumbai M.P.Shah English high school on the 7 of August 2018. We helped the school in Mumbai plant trees in their court yard. We choose Mumbai, as Mumbai shockingly has the 3rd lowest amount of green space in the world at 2.6%.
Here are some photos:

What we are doing

Our next steps after LEAP. It is time to get serious.

In Jersey, we have met up several times to discuss the plan of action. In Jersey, our aim is to teach children where their food comes from and connect them once again with nature. We are contacting the education minister in Jersey to ask for her assistance in contact schools. We are also hoping to design our website which will aid us in enticing more schools to join our scheme.

^^^Jersey team meeting ^^^

In India, our team mate Sakshi has planned another tree plantation drive in one of the schools in Mumbai and is also organising the same at a forest where her school is going for nature trail.

LEAP Highlights!!!

On the last day, in a flurry of future planning and whatnot for both the next four weeks and half a year ahead, I thought it would be nice to reflect on the past 10 days and include some highlights of our project:)

Zoe: Couldn’t believe that it is the last day. So many had happened during the ten days, every day is just so busy coming up with ideas, change it, then coming up with another one, and change it again. It wasn’t easy at all, but I feel like we can do everything when with my teammates, everyone is just so into their work and do their best to make things happen. I think this is probably the most precious thing I have learned. But one thing I really need to mention is that please no more sandwiches and fruit and water in the plasticĀ bottle anymore next year šŸŒš. THANK YOU AND SEE YOU NEXT YEAR LEAP šŸ™‚

Ankita: My favourite moment in the entire course was probably when we finalllllyy settled on a name on the 3rd day. From ‘svanning it’ to ‘SWAN’ to ‘PIG’ to ‘Planet in Green’ the moment we decided to become P.I.G – Planet in Green- resulted in a glee that I can still feel when I close my eyes.

Erin: My favouriteĀ moment was the 2 hours before we were meantĀ to be presenting our boards at the networking event. As i heard so of the weirdest phrases come out of my mouth in my moments of panic. but it was so rewarding in the end to see our fully put together boards and our beautifully imperfect tree.

First Post!!!!! (Third Day)

Here we are – Day 3- finally writing our first blog post on our LEAP experience. On the first day the founder Aaron Chatterley of Feel Unique -an online cosmetic store –Ā  coached us on finding a niche and being open minded about business opportunities. He spoke on being individual and unique with our ideas to do something which is not common and already thought of manyntimes before. A social entrepreneur Nyasa Gwalior came in during our lunch break to give an inspirational speakers lunch. She spoke about after being redundant from her job she began a social enterprise in which she created a therapeutic home for 6 children. She wanted to do this after seeing the horrors of almost up to one hundred children in one foster home with little space. She showed us that we should choose our job on what we are passionate about not about how much we may earn and although there may be struggles to keep thinking about why you are doing the job your doing. The bus to creepy valley allowed for much socialising and getting to know one another and laughter once we had reached and struggled through the activities.

On the second day we were introduced to Simon Boas which was involved in overseas aid Jersey. His enthusiasm for his job was inspiring and we were forced to consider aspects of running a social enterprise we had previouslyĀ  not considered, including possible backlashes. Later on, the big idea panel session gave us an idea of jobs not talked about in schools and much apreciated tips for our projects and delivery for when we actually present to the dragons while also providing a much needed break from intense project activity.

Highlight of the day: Forming our team name of PIG and the priceless response from from mentors and students alike šŸ˜‰

Day 3: WE NEED A PROJECT!!!! – the primary thought tormenting our minds that day. Countless pep talks, brainstorming and debating had left us with deforestation as a focal point but beyond that we remained lost. Such a massive topic – where on Earth where we going to go with it?? We desperately needed to find one area in particular to channel our energy into, but alas no luck. Enter St. Catherines and locational brainstorming. The nature and forest surroundings must have worked their magic as the topic of deforestation rapidly spread across 4 sheets of A1 paper to include ideas of trees in cities, forest schools, awareness campaigns and such. So many areas we could potentially hone down on – all that was left was to choose one.