WIS Intelligentxia has raised HKD 5319.50 for Student Sponsorship

We have just had our first student assigned to us by the Massinghams of the MRVP. Her name is OY Lungtun and she is a member of the Shaan tribes of northern Thailand. She is currently at Ban Mok Cham school near the MRVP and has the unique ambition of wanting to be a lawyer so she can petition the government to improve the conditions of the tribes and villages in Northern Thailand.
This is quite a unique ambition for girls at the Ban Mok Cham school which is why we thought it would be a fantastic privilege to have her as our first student and to help her make this dream come true.

One thought on “WIS Intelligentxia has raised HKD 5319.50 for Student Sponsorship

  1. We are embarking on fund raising to support the brilliant but needy members of A360IWA- Ghana to ensure that they attend second cycle school.

    Any support and amount would be appreciated – no amount is too small and no amount is too big.

    Detailed budget shall be communicated to you sooner or later to have a fore view of the target amount.

    Thanking you in advance for rendering invaluable service to highlighting the needs and investing girls to enable them reach their full potential.

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